How to beat procrastination

It took me 9 years to beat procrastination. I'll tell you how to in 3 minutes...

1. Forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past.

Now you've accepted the situation, forgive yourself and allow yourself a fresh start.

If you believe you are lazy, be firm and make an identity shift as you become what you think.

2. Understand the power of momentum.

It all begins with a single step.

To create momentum, do this

• List 3 small tasks to do

• Set a 50 minute timer

• Take 10 minute breaks

• Repeat

Completing tasks will reinforce the idea of you finishing.

3. Break down your tasks.

Nothing great is built overnight.

By focusing on smaller goals, the big goal will be less overwhelming.

4. Never multitask!

Keeping your focus on one task will allow you to;

• Become more productive

• Be less overwhelmed

• Produce better output for the single task

5. Set deadlines.

You know to how to stick to deadlines for you job, how about for yourself?

By completing tasks within the time boundaries you set, it will motivate you to keep on track.

6. Manage your energy, not your time.

• Get 7/8 hours sleep

• Eliminate low-value tasks

• Do the most important tasks when you have the most energy

• Take enough breaks

If you read 10 pages of a book in a month you'll have read 300 pages!

7. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Even better, get a mentor who has walked the path you have who can keep you on track.

They'll help you stop making the excuses you allow yourself.

8. Write a daily to-do-list

Make your to do list short and actionable.

• Be specific

• Create urgency

• Don't overcomplicate it

9. Be clear with what you want.

Clarity is key for overcoming procrastination.

You cannot go on a journey if you don't know the destination.

10. Remember that you are capable.

You've probably completed tasks you thought impossible in the past.

Remember such situations and let it fuel you to move forward.

• You become the best version of yourself.

• Provide inspiration and motivation.

Have a lovely day :)