David Adair Former Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public

David Adair  Former Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public

Space technology expert and former Area 51 rocket designer David Adair will show you visuals and graphics of what the Aerospace Community had intended to build in space with the Shuttle program. These projects have never been seen before or announced to the public.


Learn about: Space Stations, Space Manufacturing, Space Based Medicines and Micro-Gravity Processing that the Aerospace Corporations wanted to build but were told NO by NASA because it was ‘too much industrialization of space’. Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities that exist! Meet and hear from one of the most exceptional rocket scientists of our time.

David Adair is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. He has worked as a research scientist in the fields of engineering, jet engine technology, rocket science and nuclear physics. 

Future Plans To Explore The Moon from The Middle East and Africa with David Adair

David Adair Discusses The Disclosure Project

During the filming of America's Fall From Space, David Adair discusses his involvement with The Disclosure Project. For more information on the film, visit's Fall From Space or

The Granada Forum: August 21, 1997
David Adair is an internationally recognized expert in space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. At age 11 he built his first of hundreds of rockets, which he designed and test flew. At 17 he won "The Most Outstanding in the Field of Engineering Sciences" from the US Air Force. At 19 he designed and fabricated a state-of-the-art mechanical system for changing jet turbine engines for the US Navy that set world record turnaround times that still stand today. He is a world-class presenter and keynote speaker, seminar and workshop leader and consultant. David is not only knowledgeable, he is a lot of fun. His charismatic style and down-to-earth humor, make David a speaker that is intriguing, informative, entertaining and memorable. His presentations include little known facts and anecdotes from his involvement with the space program, commercial technology development, films and "the things he has seen" at Area 51. His presentations have inspired many organizations and his list of clients include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Carolina Power & Light Company, Clemson University, Consolidated Freightways, Edison Electric, Georgia Power Company, Hanes Corporation, Hoechst-Celanese Corporation, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Reynolds Aluminum, R.J. Reynolds, Thomasville Furniture Industries, Union Electric Company, and the United States Army, Air Force and Navy to name but a few. 

David Adair At Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology

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David Adair - AREA 51 scientist speaks out 
The Rendlesham Forest Case

Paul Hellyer on Bentwaters UFO Incident

Paul Hellyer on Bentwaters UK UFO Case 
Former Canadian Minister of National Defense (1963-1967) and longtime member of Canadian Parliament The Honorable Paul Hellyer talks about the famous UFO report and investigation done by retired Air Force Colonel Charles Halt after a 1980 incident at Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base in the UK. The incident which happened over 2 nights involving unusual lights that were seen by military personnel in the Rendlesham Forest, located between dual bases RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Several witnesses say they saw fast-moving objects in the sky, in addition to a reported landing of a triangular craft in a clearing. When the encounters continued into a second night, Halt, deputy base commander at Bentwaters, leading a group into the forest, experienced part of the unexplained light show for himself, including an unknown object moving through trees and appearing to drip a molten substance. Halt has said on record that what he and the others experienced in the forest was under intelligent control. Halt eventually obtained signed sworn statements from air traffic controllers stating. They saw the object go across their scope -- a 60-mile scope -- in two or three seconds. Thousands of miles an hour. Hellyer met and interviewed Halt in Washington on record for several hours regarding this credible incident.