Intermittent Fasting

Everybody wants more time, energy, and clear thinking.
But few know about Intermittent Fasting.
Here's everything you need to start

Let’s begin with the benefits.
Intermittent fasting…

• Promotes fat loss
• Gives you time (less meal planning)
• Boosts cognitive function
• Improves sleep, energy, and mood
• Extends lifespan

Plus, it’s easier than dieting.
Get the benefits w/o changing what you eat.

So, what IS intermittent fasting?

It’s not a diet but a pattern of eating.

'16/8 Method' is the most common pattern.

It involves:
• 16 hrs of fasting
• 8 hrs of feeding
Popular feeding windows:
• 10AM-6PM
• 12PM-8PM

One rule: Don’t eat/drink calories outside the window.


You might be wondering how fasting promotes fat loss.
There are two key mechanisms:

1. Fasting puts your body in a fat-burning state

(via lowered insulin levels)
Your body starts burning fat 12 hrs after a meal...
So 16 hrs of fasting enables 4 hrs of optimized fat burning.

2. When intermittent fasting, you’ll consume fewer calories (effortlessly).



It’s challenging to overeat during the shortened feeding window.

That’s a recipe for staying leaner.

Now, let’s discuss some common objections.

“Won’t I get hungry?”

Fasting is easier than it appears (much easier than a diet).

Your mind + body will quickly adapt.

“Can I drink coffee while fasting?”
Yes, black coffee will not break your fasted state.
(Avoid additives like cream and sugar).
Regardless, start your day with an internal shower…
Drink a big glass of water.

The bottom line is this:
If you want a mental and physical edge,
Give fasting a go.